Preetham R (99.36%)

ST Thomas English Medium School, Mandya

Praful (97.12%)

St Thomas school, Mysuru

Nishitha.P P (96.8%)

Vivekananda English Medium School Puttur

I have scored 605 in my SSLC examination and vidyawin helped me more for my preparation because in every chapter based MCQ's and tests were there. Teachers used to teach with some of the animation videos it made me to remember some of the concepts. l am heartfully thank to every teachers & staff's to helping the children in the pandemic situation with full of afforts. Thank you ❤️

Athipriya (93.6%)

Nirmala High School, Mysuru

Basavesh kumar

Govt Adarsha Vidyalaya, Kanakpura

In Vidyawin App I learn a lot and their teaching is very nice. I like this app, as it is helping me learn concept easily


Adarsha vidyalaya, Mandya

Classes are very nice, It is very easy to understand all the leasons. its very helpful for me.For my exam preparation its helping a lot

Mokshith R (96.8%)

GPUC Aivarnadu Sulya, DK

I prepared for exams from MCQs on Vidyawin app. I watched the video lessons on Vidyawin app during vacation. It helped me understand all the concepts very well.

Shwetha Rani (99.7%)

Abhinava Bharathi, Mandya

VIDYAWIN app is very good, teaching is very nice & MCQ part was very useful for me in preparing for the exam

M ABHINAV (96.8%)

Brilliant Public School Ballari

VIDYAWIN helped me to revise topics easily & quickly,Thank you VIDYAWIN

Ruchitha MV (95.68%)

Abhinava Bharathi school, Mandya


Sacred heart public school, Bangalore

Vidyawin is rendering great help for students. For me it helped a lot to understand most complicated topics in simpler way. Moreover teachers are very good and there skills are awesome, so I loved this app. Thank you Vidyawin

Greeshma (95.36%)

Sir M Vishweswaraiah School Shivalli, Mandya

Akshay K

New manjula public school, Bangalore

Vidyawin App is very nice and It is very easy to understand all the leasons

Sanjana H R (95.36%)

Viveka Vidya Samshthe Hanakere, Mandya

Spandana (97.92%)

Raitha Shikshana School Hanakere, Mandya

Darshan G K (95.5%)

Kalveer Redidenci High School ADUVALLY Hassan

Vidyawin helped me to understand the concepts of science. In this app the teachers will teach all the lesson in easy method so that we can understand and learn very well. It helped me scoring good marks in science . Thank you Vidyawin

Deepika D R

Govt high school Chikkamangalur

Content in Vidyawin app is helpful and I was able to clear all my doubts very quickly through the app, it is very helpful and I got know more concepts and topics. Thank you Vidyawin


Vivekananda Kannada medium, Puttur

Its very easy to understand the classes. For the exam preparation it is very helpful.

Preetham R (99.36%)

ST Thomas English Medium School, Mandya

Shrinidhi.A (98.4%)

G. P. U. C Puttur

I am thankful for Vidyawin to give me a free app for learning. It helped me a lot. When I asked doubt they responded fast. So Vidyawin helped me for in S.S.L.C examination.

Devishree K S (96%)

Kaveri Highschool, Mysore

Vidyawin has helpfull contents like MCQs, Diagrams, Vedios and explanation are very good, I scored 96% and very happy to place 2nd rank in my school. Thanks to vidyawin for helping me.

Spandana (97.92%)

Raitha Shikshana School Hanakere, Mandya

Preetham R (99.36%)

ST Thomas English Medium School, Mandya

Mohammed Juber

Adarsha Vidyala, Bijapur

vidyawin is best app for learning. It is so helpful for everyone. It helps more for me. When ever I fel like the sum is tough, I am going to watch vidyawin. This app has 'Test', 'Revision', 'Mindmap' and 'Doubts', I use those to clear my boubts. I am thankful to vidyawin creators and my best teachers


Ghs sampige hosahalli, Tumakuru

ವಿದ್ಯಾ ವಿನ್ ಕ್ಲಾಸಸ್ ತುಂಬಾ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿ ಅರ್ಥ ಆಗುತ್ತಿದೆ